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"Primordial” is a single-channel video which consists of 750 unique microscopic canvases. Each canvas was hand-painted with multitudes of acrylic dyes and then photographed under the microscope. The work is specifically designed to be experienced in an endless loop. In accordance with its title, “Primordial,” takes on the concepts of “existing” and “persisting” of the universe in general and all matter and life. The sequential viewing facilitates the viewer to experience a sensation akin to an affective altered state of consciousness by using rapidly evolving and perpetually forming visual and auditory stimuli. “Primordial” uses the digitally-altered sound of the Vela Pulsar; a highly-magnetized neutron star that emits regular pulses of radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation with a period of 89 milliseconds. The sound design in the video corresponds to the radio-waves emitted by this particular pulsar.

The velocity of cosmic rays can go from a fraction of the speed of light up to about .999999 times the speed of light, in "Primordial" this journey is seen from the perspective of a traveling cosmic ray. In their own reference frames, the fastest cosmic rays takes only about a few minutes to cross a galaxy cluster, the same journey from our human perspectives takes millions and millions of years.


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